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Developing innovative initiatives to drive corporate, social and global trends


Phil is an internationally recognised conceptual designer and futurist. His innovative designs have been featured heavily on a number of high profile technology, lifestyle and popular science websites, blogs and news sites. Phil works developing innovative initiatives to tackle corporate, social and global issues.

PAULEY - Interactive Digital Agency

The founding director and owner of PAULEY (Interactive), a digital consultancy, Phil's team specialise in leading-edge software applications, e-training and product simulation to maximise staff efficiency, reduce waste and drive business growth. The purpose of the business is to help individuals and businesses embrace new technology to drive market share and meet corporate social responsibility objectives.

PAULEY - Global Technology Review

To complement PAULEY digital services, the company keeps its staff and clients up to speed on the latest insight and developments through a global technology news service. This up-to-the-minute website and newsletter is managed and maintained in-house and reviews emerging technologies and global trends with a focus on engineering, design and innovation.

Moral Order - Sci-Fi Franchise

Phil incorporates his futuristic conceptual designs within an inspiring young adult science fiction/fantasy book series entitled Moral Order. The stories are based around Phil’s near future vision for planet Earth; heroism and humanity vs progress and greed set within social and economic extremes. The book series represents a glimpse at a possible future format of publishing by offering an open source platform for like-minded futurists, artists and creative individuals.

Moral Order - Underwater Habitation Research

Based in London Phil Pauley works as a successful innovator, concept designer and internationally recognised futurologist, He recently receiving a Green GOOD DESIGN 2014 award, for his self-sustainable Sub-Biosphere 2 design featured in Moral Order. Phil is a vocal champion of underwater habitation as playing a fundamental role in the future of humanity and life on Earth.

Purpose of Design Existence

There seems little point of working in conceptual design if we don't try to solve some of the key environmental issues of our time. As designers we have a responsibility to attempt to make the world a better place. In business; if we could help others learn faster and be more effective at whatever they do, this would be a useful service.

"My mantra derives from a belief that life is an extraordinarily rare thing - so rare, in fact, that out of the thousands of exo-planets we’ve found, not a single one of them could host our planets unique biodiversity. And the indisputable and fundamental key to life on Earth is the presence of liquid water, our global ocean."

Phil Pauley, Futurist/Concept Designer & Founder of PAULEY.