About Phil Pauley

I believe that a brighter, more sustainable future is within our reach

As a concept designer and futurist, I aim to use my creativity to tackle global issues and inspire others to strive for a better world. My focus is to develop creative initiatives to tackle corporate, social and global issues.

Our leading edge technology elevates your success at school, at home and at work

I founded digital consultancy PAULEY to help individuals and businesses embrace new technology to maximize efficiency. We develop interactive tools to build sustainable business growth through enhanced etraining and sales systems.

Sharing ideas, innovation, and insight will galvanise change around the world

PAULEY's Global Technology Review website and newsletter provides our clients and the wider public with insights into emerging technological innovations from around the world. This service acts as a free global thinktank to feed inspiration and drive innovation.

Through the power of storytelling, we can unite and inspire the next generation

I created the first book in my young adult science fiction series, Moral Order: The Rise of Luca C. Mariner, to incorporate my futuristic designs into a dystopian vision of an Earth damaged by climate change. My passion is to encourage interest in global environmental issues and drive social change to prepare for a changing world.

Together, we can drive forward projects that will alter the course of humanity

I'm best known as a vocal champion of underwater habitation playing a fundamental role not only in the future of life on Earth, but also as a precursor to settling on other planets. I received the Green GOOD DESIGN award for designing the worlds first self-sustaining underwater habitat, Sub-Biosphere 2 and strive to make this vision a reality to safeguard humanity against a catastrophic manmade or natural disaster.

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