Concept Design: Cruiser Series

Concept Design: Cruiser Series
Concept Design: Cruiser Series
Concept Design: Cruiser Series
The Cruiser range of Motoryachts and Powerboats offer unparalleled speed and flexibility for both commercial and luxury private travel.

The range offers four options to cater to individual choice. These include the Yacht Cruiser, Sub Cruiser, Fly Cruiser and Power Cruiser.

The Yacht Cruiser offers 7 Star luxury from top to bottom. It includes many features that will simply astonish. Floor to ceiling one way glazing makes this open plan contemporary living stand out from the competition.

Additionally to the traditional limited deck space offered by many similar classed yachts, the Yacht Cruiser offers an exceptional difference. It can raise its deck space to accommodate an entire new floor entitled "The Party Deck".

The Party Deck System is unique and offers a huge open deck for a wide range of sports and social applications. This is the future of flexible living.
Again, the Sub Cruiser can boast many innovative features, with one distinction. It will allow you to disappear into the Big Blue. It will take you just beneath the swell and into a whole new world of piece and relaxation.

The Fly Cruiser operates at the forefront of performance through cutting edge design and innovation dressed with classic contemporary furnishings. If you need to go from A to B quickly and effectively, the Fly Cruiser Series is designed to respond to your needs effortlessly and on demand.

At the touch of a button your marine experience goes into fly mode and lifts you from the plain and into free air to well over 100 knots.

And if speed, comfort and open air freedom is your desire then the Power Cruiser is for you. This stunning and cutting edge design responds to your emotions and will exceed expectation.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an understated marine experience, these luxurious machines are not for you. These are head turning, crowd pleasing, bespoke works of art.

These ultimate hull designs have been evolved to irradiate vibration, bang and slap to literally smooth through the water no matter what the weather or sea condition.

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