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"Marine Solar Cells could change the course of renewable energy"
"Phil Pauley is a beautiful designer"
Discovery News
"I think this is the type of technology that people were expecting in 2010 and all we got was the iPod"
InquiringMind Magazine
"Honestly, it’d look sexy enough on its own just being a car, but Pauley couldn’t resist upping the ante, and made it into something even more awesome"
100 Cute
"Conceptualised by British designer Phil Pauley who is known for pushing boundaries in design"
GQ Magazine
"The new Tablet Book by Phil Pauley is THE step forward in personal computing"
Trend Hunter
"This is a big, big idea"
"Just because they could – Apocalypse Survival Rooms"
"The Monster Jumbo is the latest stunning concept from the Internationally renowned design and innovation consultancy Phil Pauley Studios"
Trend Hunter
"I am sure you will get immediately why I liken Phil Pauley to Leonardo Da Vinci"
Angel News
"Now if you can think of anything cooler than that, you’re clearly horribly wasted in whatever job it is you’ve actually got"
Smart Life
"The Wi-Fly has the potential to become the public transport pod of the future"
"This is the most advanced design I have ever seen, it is one of those things that I would have to see before I believed it"
Coolest Gadgets
"This is straight out of a sci-fi movie and gives us a glimpse of what is surely to be the future of human transport"
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